Posted on Apr 22, 2019
Each year the West U Rotary Club Foundation, in cooperation with the Rotary Club of West U, hosts a golf tournament the first Monday after Tax Day. In addition to the Foundation and its projects the tournament benefits an organization changing the lives of community members. This year that beneficiary is the HAY Center. As the HAY Center says about itself:
"The HAY Center, a program of Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, a public/private partnership, provides much needed services to foster youth transitioning to adulthood in our community. Our employment, education, housing, mental health and life skills programs empower current and former foster youth to be successful productive adults."
Terry Ziegler sharing his experience,  “when they turn 18, now out of foster care… really interesting  when you think about their situation, either one of parent died or taken away from their parents, a terrible trauma, in addition to maybe 6-7 different  H. Schools they attended, and when they graduated at age of 18, these kids are on their own, you can image you are in this situation. Three of the girls we talked, they have already successful with  jobs, but they return for some counseling maybe for housing programs…”

AJ sharing his experience after attending the HAY open house held on April 4th, stating that it is remarkable when one HAY client shared she lost her parents  and now she has a place to go after she finished school, learning skills and guidance how to get a job, and other skills. They set up goals and get them done. He is looking forward to become a mentor and ask Rotarians to support the HAY Center. 

Tournament date: Monday, April 22, 2019.
Place: Riverbend Country Club, 1214 Dulles Ave, Sugar Land, TX 77478