New Member Orientation
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Becoming a Rotarian is a commitment to service to others and also to fellowship.  Many Rotarians have found it to be the most rewarding association of their life.   It is not uncommon to find Rotarians who have been members for 20, 30, and even over 60 years!   We want that lifelong affection for all our new members.  

That is why we insist that anyone interested in becoming a member must attend at least 3 meetings before we will even let you apply.   West U Rotary is a fun, friendly and active club of over 100 dynamic people.   Coming to our meetings and observing how we function, hearing about our projects, getting to know some members, these will help you decide if becoming a member is something you truly want to do.   We hope you will come soon and check us out. First time visitors eat our hot breakfast buffet for free.   Subsequent visits will require purchasing breakfast.

Assuming you like what you see (you will!) our Membership Chairperson will provide you with an application to complete.  Your application will be voted on by the club and you will be notified of your acceptance.   You will be assigned a mentor and a sponsor who are there to help you with any questions you have and to insure you find your place in the club.   

To help new members get settled into our club, we have them go through an orientation program called The Red Badge Program.  These varied tasks are very easy and are designed to help new members become familiar with our members, how we function, and opportunities available to them to get involved.   

Use the links on the left as your guide through the new member orientation process.   No timeframe is set for completion of the list but most people find them easy to sail through in a few months.