The exchange is not a year in a life ..... it is a life in a year


I am John Thornton - a member of the West U Rotary Club in Houston, Texas.  My daughter Charlotte spent a year in Paraguay.  Charlotte's mother, Diane, and I are so proud of her, so excited about her opportunity, and we want to share this experience with all parents of young adults.

Follow these pages, and learn what this great Rotary program is all about.

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My name is Charlotte Thornton and I have spent the most unbelievable year in Paraguay, South America,
 (2012-2013) as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.  Here is my story.

I also have a youtube story. 
Charlotte's Youtube

My name is Carol Lester and I have hosted two students through West U Rotary.   My first "son" Felipe was a shy young man from Brazil. He liked computer games, soccer, American hamburgers (he collected Whataburger table toppers!), and touch football with friends.  Because he was so shy, I used to play practical jokes to make him laugh.   After a while he started getting me back.  That was when I knew he was finally comfortable in our home!

Our second "son" was Federico from Italy.  Federico never met a stranger and became one of the most popular kids at school.  He saw the funny in everything and made everyone around him laugh.  Watching him enjoy his year here made local teens want to become exchange students as well.
If you have questions about hosting, contact me at the email address above.