Self Care Behaviors That Support Health
Feb 03, 2022
Joy Cornthwaite
Self Care Behaviors That Support Health

Joy Ashby Cornthwaite, MS RD LD CDE, has expertise in the fields of medical nutrition therapy, diabetes nutrition and wellness program education. She earned her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition at Florida State University and her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Rice University.


She has worked to promote and develop programs to impact positive outcomes for patients with acute and chronic diseases. Her work includes the development and presentation of programs in adult obesity, childhood obesity and diabetes self-management. She was also a core team member of the inaugural group of Canyon Ranch Institute’s Savannah Life Enhancement Program, providing an integrative wellness program focusing on empowering participants to embrace healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes through health education and knowledge.


Ms. Ashby Cornthwaite is passionate about her children, family and nutrition education. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys the cultural diversity and dialogue that food opens up between people. She encourages changing lives one meal at a time and enjoys the role it plays in wellness in addition to the treatment and prevention of chronic disease, especially diabetes.


She is enthusiastic about patient care and education. She sees her role as medical nutrition therapist and diabetes educator an excellent opportunity to empower patients and support them as they embrace a life of wellness and health.