Sep 19, 2024 7:01 AM
Nurit Gery
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Nurit Gery - Managing Director and Co-Founder of Younited
Nurit is a social entrepreneur who decided to move from a successful career in the commercial world to the nonprofit sector. The catalyst was a three-week volunteering stint with her husband and teenage children at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. This life-changing experience showed her that this was the moment to use the transferable skills from  her extensive commercial and marketing experience to create a project that had the potential to create real, long-term impact both within Israel and beyond.
Younited (formerly GHIS) was envisaged in 2017 and, under Nurit’s leadership and vision, only a year later it opened with a full cohort of local and international students and staff, ready to compete in quality with international schools worldwide.  Partnerships with relevant government agencies, the International Baccalaureate Organization and a handful of donors who understood the value of  this ‘start-up’, ensured that the foundations for quality and sustainability were in place.  Since then, Nurit’s outreach skills and her ability to engage and include people has attracted a network of international partners, friends, volunteers and supporters from  around the world. 
Nurit’s commercial work experience spanned Israel and the U.S,  with an emphasis on senior management, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship and business development. Prior to establishing Younited, Nurit worked for 20 years at the pharmaceutical giant, GSK, where she was a Business Unit Director. 
Nurit has an MBA from the USF, California  and a BA in Biology from the Technion, Israel.