West U Rotary, Houston Skyline Rotary, and Fort Bend Rotary have truly established a long term sustainable project in Helping Haitians to Help Haiti.



The Rotary Club of West U is a key player in implementing a vocational training program in Haiti that aims at the country's entire healthcare system. Thousands of pieces of medical equipment are in hospitals and warehouses with no one to diagnose or repair the equipment.


Training Haitians to solve Haitian problems embraces a key Rotarian goal:

link Rotarians together in country and out that provide the kind of assistance that embraces 'sustainability' and not ongoing 'dependency' in Haiti.


With no medical equipment repair training school ever offered in Haiti, the need in 250 hospitals and clinics for technicians who can repair medical equipment is literally acute. When you link the acute need for technicians to the fact that Haiti has a 65% unemployment rate in most of the country, you have an incredible opportunity to affect an entire healthcare system at a deep, meaningful level.


After a year of research and listening to Haitian Rotarians, interviewing Haitian hospitals and talking to US physicians who had worked in Haiti, in August-September of 2011 West U Rotarian John Collier, DG Sunny Sharma and PP Vicki Brentin of the Houston Club partnered with Haitian Rotarians Dr.

Claude Surena and Dr. Guy Theodore and Rotary's Donor Advised Fund to start the only biomedical repair training program ever presented to the country of Haiti.


As of October 2012 we have 45 medical tech equipment repair students in two separate classes, the trainees coming from 20 different hospitals all over Haiti. From EKG machines to sterilizers to blood pressure cuffs and laboratory equipment, these technicians are learning how to troubleshoot and approach the challenge of repairing myriads of machines and equipment donated or purchased from all over the world.