Wow, what a Super Bowl Party!
Jack and Ann Wallace hosted the 2015 Super Bowl Party. To the experienced eye it was too much food, too many beverages (including the Suck It Seahawks Sangria), and just the right amount of fellowship.
Among the action taking place all over the room . . . John N sitting on the front row 50 yard line . . . Kerry, Don, and Wally in the corner planning flag route plays and strategies . . . Sideline photographers Larry and Carol L shooting the action . . . Bob O watching the action from his sky box . . .
As to the football pool, Mike won the 1st quarter, Carol L the 2nd and 3rd quarters, Patrick (he acted like he did not know he was winning this American game) the two-minute warning and final score.
Oh yeah, the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.