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The Rotary Club of West U (Houston) holds breakfast meetings with guest speakers most Thursdays throughout the year and a social evening gathering once a month. Click on the Calendar for details and locations.
Join to meet like-minded people.
You don’t need to be a Rotarian to be involved in service to the community through Rotary. The Rotary Club of West U has many service opportunities every week: partnering, sponsoring and supporting Houston community programs and projects. The Club also partners and supports international projects.
Volunteering work with Rotary changes lives
Whether you want to volunteer to help your local community or to respond to local and international disasters, there is a project or activity for you. 

Since it was incorporated in 2007, the West U Rotary Club Foundation (WURCF), has granted over $2 million to projects making lives better in your community and around the world.

The Club Foundation supports Houston and international service projects selected by the Board of Directors and the Club Foundation Board.  These include the Rotary Field House Centennial Project - the largest service project to date with a commitment of $125,000 - and yearly support for Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE). 

The fundraising is done mostly through the Flag Service in West University, an annual golf tournament, and individual donations. Each year the funds raised are often disbursed as grants to projects that same year.

The West U Rotary Club Foundation transforms donations into projects that change lives.

Become a Member
Membership in the Rotary Club of West U (Houston) club offers a number of rewarding benefits:
  • Networking with community and business leaders.

  • Taking part in volunteer projects in the Houston community and internationally.

  • Developing leadership skills.

And when you travel you get the support of the over 30,000 clubs in more than 160 countries.
Partner with Rotary Club of West U (Houston)

The Rotary Club of West U (Houston) partners with other Rotary Clubs and Social Service Organizations in Houston and abroad supporting projects with volunteers and grants.

Our grants are defined at the beginning of each rotary year (July 1 to June 30) and guided by the West U Rotary Club Foundation Giving Guidelines.


Contact us for details.