Flag Service for the Holidays

Displaying our Country's and Texas flags is easy when you sign up your home or business for the Rotary Club of West U (Houston) Flag Service.

With your annual subscription, the Rotarians will come out and place a pole holder in the ground, and the subscribed flags will be installed by the Club volunteers four times a year for the following patriotic holidays:

  • Presidents Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Veterans Day

The flag and pole will also be removed, stored and maintained after each holiday.

Your subscription to the Flag Service will ensure you have your flag proudly displayed for each patriotic holiday and contribute to the charitable causes sponsored by the Club through the Rotary Club of West U Foundation.

The Rotary Club of West U (Houston) flag subscription service is available in the West University area as shown on the map.

Your total Annual Service Fee will be just $75.00. Just click on the link and fill out your information.


Flag Subscription Service Area
About the Rotary Club of West U Flag Program

Some interesting facts:

  • About 1,700 flags 3'x5' on an 8' pole are launched four times a year for the patriotic holidays in West University.

  • The number of flags launched by the Club earned West University the title of Most Patriotic City in America.

  • The Rotary Club of West U began its US flag program soon after its founding and in 2012 added the Texas flag to the program.

  • The flags are made in the USA.

  • Installation, removal, storage, and maintenance are provided by volunteers: members of the Rotary Club of West U take part.