About the Rotary Club of West U


The Rotary Club of West U was founded in 1995 by West U resident and newspaper publisher Beverly Denver who had been a member of another club on the north side of Houston and observed that West U had no local club.  She lobbied other local business leaders to form a club and they enthusiastically joined her. From its first day it was a vibrant club with 69 charter members from the West U community.   It continues to be a thriving and dynamic service organization made up of West U residents as well as people from surrounding communities with a passion for service.
West U Rotary began its flag program soon after its founding and today launches almost 2000 flags on four national holidays, earning West University the title of Most Patriotic City in America.   
Donations to the flag program fund our numerous service projects, both locally and internationally.
For an annual contribution, West U Rotarians place an American flag in the front yard of a home or business for Independence Day, President's Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day.   In 2012, the club added the Texas flag to the program. 
The flags are made in the USA and each flag measures 3'x5' on an 8' pole. Installation, removal, storage, and maintenance are provided by the members of the Rotary Club of West U.
Give your family and neighborhood a gift of patriotism with a Holiday Flag from the Rotary Club of West U Foundation.
Order online by going to our home page and the top banner - ORDER YOUR US AND TEXAS FLAG HERE.
Thank you for your support of the West U Rotary flag program.   It is because of YOU that our club can serve the needs of so many in need in our community and around the world.