Why Don't YOU be an INBOUND Student Host Family?

Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) is not only about American students going abroad for a year, but also hosting foreign students in your home so they can experience life in The United States.  It's a wonderful opportunity and expands understanding of different cultures and you will bond with these kids for life.  Your children will gain a new brother or sister and through our youth we can hope for peace.  Watch this video for host parent testimonials.  Becoming a Rotary Host Family

Amazing Educational and Cultural opportunity

Guaranteed to boost the fun, love, and knowledge of your whole family!

100% positive testimonials from all past families!

Is it time for you to host?  Parents whose goals for their children include raising them to be compassionate, adventurous, and hungry for knowledge often find that hosting a foreign exchange student puts their kids on the fast track to becoming all those things.  

Watching their exchange sibling step out with courage into a world where everything is new and a “first”, host children get a front row seat and play a leading role in the transformation of a life.   Only later do they see that they too have been transformed.

They too expanded in all directions.  

Ola, from Poland, describes her current year here in Houston this way:

“When get here you know who you are.   After you have been here awhile you don’t know who you are.  When you get ready to leave, you know who you are and it is a different person.”  

Youth exchange is the single most courageous thing a high school youth can do.   For a full school year, teens from across the globe chose to leave their family and friends to live with strangers in another country, with no guarantees and only optimism and faith that it will go well.   And in the case of Rotary’s exchange program, that they will adjust well to moving homes at least once and starting all over again with a new family. 

Who are these incredibly courageous kids?   And do you have one yourself?   They are the top kids in their schools and communities. They are curious, adventurous, self-confident (enough so), and full of trust.   They will add to your life, and be part of your family forever.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!   While you still have kids in your home who can learn about fearlessness and experience the  love a new sibling, sign up to be a host family!  

Empty nesters make great host families too!   Bring back the young energy you used to have in your home, only this time with international flavor!

Only Rotary Youth Exchange breaks up the school year among multiple families. Pick the portion of the year that works best for you.  But be warned!  You will not want your student to ever leave YOUR house! 

For more information, please visit www.ryehouston.com

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